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9 pin monitor

China 9 pin monitor supplier
9 pin monitor supplier 9 pin monitor supplier 9 pin monitor supplier

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9-pin monitor maintenance upgrade some old monitors , the use of a 9 -pin connector , but often do not display the new 9-pin interface, it is bound to change the display signal mounted nine -pin 15-pin standard VGA signal to the old equipment Buzhi Yu premature retirement .
9 pin monitor
9-pin MDA, CGA, EGA standard pin definitions ( monochrome or multicolor ) :
1, GND ( ground ) 2, GND ( ground ) 3, NC ( empty ) 4, NC ( empty ) 5, NC ( empty ) 6, INTENSITY ( brightness ), TTL level 7, VIDEO ( video ) TTL level 8 , H-SYNC ( line sync ) TTL level 9, V-SYNC ( vertical synchronization ) TTL level
MDA monitor standards : MDA standards are developed by IBM's first PC video display standard . It only supports character display function, no graphics, no color display capabilities , and no gray scale . So it is very limited in use . MDA display the standard specifications for the 80 character display X25 line with a resolution of 720X350. Line frequency of 18. 432KHZ, field frequency is 50HZ. Signal interface with 9-pin D -shaped connector.
CGA monitor standards : CGA is a substitute appearance as MDA , which MDA, compared with an increase of two functions, namely color display and graphic display . Its maximum resolution of 640X200, but this method can only display a single color . And the color graphics display mode work, low resolution , can only reach 320X200. Its line frequency 15.7KHZ, drinking places frequency of 60HZ, which defines two interfaces forms, one is a 9-pin D connector tube pin arrangement of the interface with the same MDA . The other is the output NTSC composite video signal can therefore be used as a computer monitor for NTSC television .
EGA display standard : EGA was added to the model graphics adapter. In the software compatible with CGA. Its maximum resolution of 640X350, line frequency 21.8KHZ, drinking places frequency of 60HZ. Can be set to single display mode . Its signal interface also uses a 9-pin D-shaped , its arrangement and MDA same .
9-pin VGA standard pin definitions :
1 RED Red Video 2 GREEN Green Video 3 BLUE Blue Video 4 HSYNC Horizontal Sync 5 VSYNC Vertical Sync 6 RGND Red Ground 7 GGND Green Ground 8 BGND Blue Ground 9 SGND Sync Ground
9-pin pin defined as a non-standard way , or if you need to verify the accuracy of their own judgments , you can refer to : monitor signal line detection and identification
9 -pin monitor the transformation and maintenance upgrade technology is widely used in industrial production, CNC machine tools , industrial equipment used to replace imported numerical control equipment used in the early nine -pin monitor , 9-pin interface to monitor transformation and maintenance of wide range of applications , including: imported CNC machine tools (FANUC CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, presses , etc. ) , import of industrial process automation and control systems, DCS distributed control system , grinders, milling machines, machining centers , bending equipment , sparks processing equipment, punch , injection molding machine control system , welding robotics, automotive parts dedicated production lines.
KT809 industrial CNC video signal converter can be various types of 9-pin signal source device into a non-standard VGA standard signal source , direct external ordinary LCD monitors , CRT monitors , projectors , LCD TVs etc. Easily replace your original old display system , clear picture quality , stable performance, widely used in a variety of CNC industrial production equipment .
9 pin monitor
KT809 support the input signal source ( 9-pin with various types MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA, field frequency, line frequency , types of interfaces ): RGB SOG ( Sync on Green ) RGB SOB ( blue Sync ) RGB SOR ( red Sync ) RGB S ( composite sync ) RGB HV ( separate sync ) Jiang map Technology KT809 converter via RS232 serial port controller board to manually adjust and upgrade the update process. Various types of industrial -size LCD + KT809 video converter board = new 9-pin display ( industrial application compatibility, and cost-effective, readily spot )
Technical Support  KT809 video converter has been strictly tested for 9 -pin monitor , and extensively used in CNC machine tools , injection molding machines , printing presses, Mitsubishi monitors, Mazak monitor, Panasonic industrial Display, Hitachi Displays upgrading and transformation , special display in NC upgrading and transformation regard, we have accumulated rich experience and look forward to further exchanges with you.
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9 pin monitor
9 pin monitor
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